Driving from Merimbula to Torquay, the home of surfing

Torquay, Victoria  

Ah Torquay start of the Great Ocean Road – well not really- every dog knows the Great Ocean Road starts at the sign located at Eastern View, about 20 minutes West of Torquay.

The Drive

The eight-hour drive from Merimbula makes for a bored dog in the back of the campervan.  Stratford on the River Avon [not to be confused with its English namesake where Shakespeare was born] makes a timely half way stop. There is a great little café called Wa-de-lock Cellar Door, which allows dogs in the courtyard and serves a good chicken salad. It also represents several wineries, so the humans can pick up a bottle for dinner. Don’t like wine myself, but like most dogs I’m very happy to lick up a bit of spilled beer occasionally. A better plan for this trip would be to do it over two or three days as there are lots of good dog-spots on the way, but this time we are on a mission to get to Uncle Rick’s in a day. Maybe next time!

Torquay, the home of surfing

Torquay is the undisputed home of the Victorian Surf industry, the place where Rip Curl started in a garage, and still has its head office, the place where many other surf shops got up and running and of course the nearest town to Bells Beach, the most famous Victorian surf spot. As a dog who is partial to swimming and surfing it is a spot dear to my heart. Surfers often have dogs in tow so there is plenty of sniff and greet going on at most of the beach side car parks around Torquay.

Walking on Urqharts Beach with dogs
Playing in the waves with Lennie at Urquharts Bluff

Arriving at Uncle Ricks I find out that the Silverback and the Sparrow have come to help paint the first-floor rooms! What dog knew? So, I’m feeling a bit cheated initially. Things improve when Lennie the Dalmation comes over with her owner and we get a few beach-runs in at Urquhart’s bluff, a dogs and families beach just west of Anglesea. Much of the week is spent watching the human pack members paint walls but there is still plenty of time for walks around Mortgage Hill – apparently the name of Rick’s suburb- including a bizarre drive around at night looking at a couple of houses who filled their front gardens with reindeer made of lights! Humans do some weird things sometimes, but I guess that’s part of what makes them interesting companions for a dog!

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