Torquay to Apollo Bay

Torquay to Apollo Bay 

Down stairs rooms painted just in time for Rick to go back to work, so we’re back in the van and leaving Torquay, heading west. First detour is a drive through the Bells Beach Surfing Reserve with a mini stop at the car park to do a bit of Meet and Sniff with some surfing dogs. Then its onward and westward through Anglesea and Aireys Inlet [overhearing the conversation up front tells me the Silverback lived around here many dog-days ago; I didn’t know that!]

Memorial Arch at Eastern View

A brief stop at the Memorial Arch at Eastern View marking the official start of the Great Ocean Road and now home to an impressive statue of the Returned Servicemen who first built the road after WW1, but there are no less than six big coach loads of tourists there so we decide to push on another km or so to Spout Creek, a great dog off lead beach where we go walking and I get to retrieve Ball from the surf. This is more like it!

Lorne to Apollo Bay

It’s a sunny day and the sea is very blue as we drive around the cliffs, ocean immediately beside us all the way. Whenever you pull out of a car park there are signs reminding everyone to drive on the left side of the road in Australia. Must be lots of foreign tourists who come this way and just forget where they are or something? Morning coffee for the folks at Lorne where I got a good dog level photo of the beach and pier, lunch at Kennett River then onward and westward again to Apollo Bay.

Dog’s eye view of Lorne


Apollo Bay

Not all the caravan parks in Apollo Bay are dog friendly. Don’t they know it’s the 21st century? We pull into the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve Camping Ground just on the west edge of town. We get a great site on the River with cows on the opposite bank, ducks in the water and a dog in every second van or tent. Great place! The lady in reception used to have a Jack Russell Working Dog Cross like me. Liked her! Hopefully we’ll stay here a while.

Before tea we took a walk up the river to a fishing jetty where I starred in an instructional video about ball retrieving – for dogs who can’t do these things instinctively. Post production gets held up because the Sparrow drops her prescription sunnies off the jetty and must wade into the river in her undies to retrieve them. All in a day’s travelling.

It’s starting to feel like dinner-time, so I’m guessing we’ll explore town tomorrow.

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