The Tarkine Drive

The folks checked with the official government site Discover the Tarkine and dogs are allowed most places on the Tarkine Drive. Very cool! So today is about driving (zzzzzz), scenery (zzzzzz) and multiple short walks (tail wagging in anticipation).

Altogether we did the Smithton-Marrawah-Arthur River-Sumac Lookout-Lake Chisholm-Trowutta-Smithton loop. About seven hours with stops and lunch. The Sparrow took many photos, but I’m just going to give you the ‘Enzo’s Best Bits’ summary.

Arthur River

The bridge at Arthur River

This is a classic ‘wild west coast’ beautiful place. Apparently, also a famous big wave surfing spot, but not when we were there. I’m guessing that’s more autumn and winter. Beautiful one-way bridge over a nice river with beach houses both sides. Just south of the bridge we turned off to the ‘Edge of the World’! Scary name, but the track lead to a wide river mouth where the driftwood came in tree sized pieces. Awesome wilderness spot. You could imagine it being scary in a mid-winter storm, but it was beautiful the day we were there. Nice monument at the end of the lookout inscribed with a poem about ‘the edge of the world’. Not too well versed in poetry myself (no pun intended) but the Silverback liked it and that’s good enough for me!

Edge of the World

Sumac Lookout

A very short walk to a lookout over a valley with a river and lots of trees. The folks enjoyed reading the info about the local tree species. Great place for a dog to take a pee!

Julius River

Although we had lunch at Kanunnah Bridge, we should have hung on a bit longer and had lunch at Julius River. Beautiful little lunch spot, river, tree ferns, crystal clear stream. Excellent.

Lake Chisholm

Collecting sticks at Lake Chisholm

Without doubt, Lake Chisholm gets ‘Enzo’s Top Spot’ award for this trip. Went on a 30-minute walk through massive trees and rain-forresty undergrowth to a beautiful lake in a sink hole with black tea-coloured water. Awesome! Most places like this are in National Parks where not even good dogs like me can go. Absolutely loved it! I had to drag the Silverback up the last hill to the car park but hey, this blog is a team effort. Even the team leader does the heavy lifting sometimes!

Giant trees near Lake Chisholm

Got back to the caravan park just in time for happy hour. Doubly happy time of day because it’s also Enzo dinner time.

Top day out!


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