The Street Art of Tumby Bay

map of the Tumby Bay steet art

On a lunch stop, while driving the Eyre Peninsula, the Enzotraveldog team finds Tumby Bay, a town filled with street art.

We just stopped there for lunch really. We’d been driving through endless wheat fields interspersed with occasional bits of no man’s land. Everyone was getting hungry as we pulled over to look at some silo-art. We decided to have lunch in Tumby Bay.

Silo art at Tumby Bay
Silo artwork by Argentinian artist Martin Ron

After lunch in the van, overlooking the sea, we took off for a walk around town. This a nice holiday village with a pier. Back in the day, the pier was used for wheat export but now it’s just for fishing. The bay was named after a parish in Lincolnshire UK, by Matthew Flinders in 1802. The town was originally called Tumby but changed to Tumby Bay in 1984. The hotel is classified by the national trust and there are several old buildings in town, somethings the folks are always interested in. Personally, I prefer the places that smell good; the butcher the baker etc.

Each year Tumby Bay has a street art festival when invited artists add to the collection.  Many of the buildings have murals, there are 9 completed in 2018 and 11 in 2019 and 2020 is being planned, I like street art. Whilst I’ve been in a handful of country art galleries, most of the big ones don’t let dogs in. The art of Tumby bay was very dog friendly!

Tumby Bay street art mural of pelicans
Tumby Bay street art mural
Tumby Bay street art mural portrait of old hill tribe woman

Tumby Bay street art mural ol of cartoon portraits of children
Paint-By-Numbers” mural at Tumby Bay Area School by French artist Choq


The Sparrow’s been very keen on photographing the painted silos found all through the wheat belt areas. I’ll have to get her to put them all together as soon as we get back to Queensland.

One thought on “The Street Art of Tumby Bay”

  1. Hi Enzo. Love the Sparrows photos of Street Art. How about she puts together a coffee table book?
    Love Aunty Pat

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