The Shipwreck Coast – Great Ocean Road

Shipwreck Coast

Leaving Warrnambool and heading East along the Shipwreck Coast.

Bay of Islands, Shipwreck Coast

First stop Bay of Islands. The Sparrow very busy taking photos whilst I walked along the track and let a few people pat my head. Strictly dogs on lead, people everywhere, old people, little kids, backpackers pushing bikes. Met a couple of dogs who were similarly being dragged along. Gave each other knowing looks! The views from human height were apparently more spectacular than the views from dog height. Back in the van. Second stop Bay of Martyrs proved to not be a stop because couldn’t get into the carpark for all the other vehicles. Onward to The Arch, similar thing to first stop, met a dog I’d just met at the last place, we were rapidly becoming old friends. People everywhere, a quick sniff revealed many and varied dietary cultures. Amazing that people seem to come from all over the world to look at rocks! The whole planets made of rock, I saw it on the Discovery Channel. Some of them could have saved a fortune by staying home and watching it on TV.

Wild Dog Cove

Go on, throw the ball!

The pace and crowds were getting a bit much for the Silverback, so we doubled back a short way and went for a walk at Wild Dog Cove. Great place, deserted beach, large rockpools for a dog to swim in. In the carpark we met a friendly local taking his two small sons fishing, they turned left from the steps, so we turned right. Didn’t see another soul.

On to Port Campbell, the folks had lunch at the Grassroots Café Deli just down from the pub. Meals apparently good. I had a tiny piece of Chorizo from dad’s potato and chorizo tortilla. Bit spicy for me! Went to get a drink from the dog bowl, someone had dropped a cigarette end in it! I started dreaming of the tiny silver water bowls at Rococo Bistro in Noosa.

The Twelve Apostles

Back in the van, the Twelve Apostles has its own mega car park with a walkway that tunnels under the road to the viewing area. Made all the other spots look deserted. Got all kitted up in the walking harness. Arriving at the tunnel the big sign said, ‘dogs and cats not allowed’. Don’t mind being excluded, but object to being lumped in with cats! Mum keen to take photos and soldiered on. The old man decided he had seen it back in the days before London Bridge fell, when you just pulled up at the side of the road and there was no one else there, so we went back to the carpark and waited in the van watching the league of nations walk by.

Wild Dog Cove was unquestionably the highlight from the canine perspective!

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