Strahan, Enzo’s First Play

Bypassed the mining towns through the middle of Tassie and headed straight to Strahan. What a beautiful place. Checked into Strahan Beach Tourist Park, where most things in town are within walking range, though the folks thought the showers were a bit decrepit. Camp site nearly full, got a good-sized site near the exit gate where I could see everyone coming and going. Folks had to do a bit of computer work, then out to dinner. Awesome old Police Station just near the campsite.

Historic Police Station

Experienced some doggy discrimination at the Bushman’s Cafe, not absolute rejection, more the ‘you’re not really welcome look’ and ‘you’ll have to sit around the corner up the alley’ style discrimination.  The Sparrow quite rightly said ‘no thank you’. The waitress was lucky dogs can’t talk!

We walked on up the road to Hamer’s Bar and Grill. A large pub-style venue, big street table area, directly across the road from the boat harbour, waitress brought me a bowl of water – costs nothing to be nice!

Hamer’s Bar and Grill

It had much better views then the other place. Also, a better Menu and prices, by the Silverback’s assessment. Settled in under the table. Folks really enjoyed their dinner, I got to sample ‘smashed potato with leek’ for the first time, nice! The folks thought they would go back the next night to try the duck.  Nice walk back to camp around the harbour. The Sparrow got a few sunset photos (rapidly becoming her speciality). End of a big day, big sleep required. Next morning walked west up the bay and swam. Top spot this!

Sunset, Strahan Harbour

Dogs are not allowed on any of the local cruises. It seems most of them are 4-6 hrs up the Gordon River to Heritage Landing. I wasn’t too worried about this. I prefer short Ferry trips really and had recently overnighted on the Spirit of Tasmania. I’m probably a bit over boats for a while. Turns out the folks had been here before and done an overnight cruise, so they weren’t worried either.

So, we walked around town a lot. Before dinner we went to a play, ‘The Ship That Never Was’ in an open-air theatre. Dogs get in free! Despite that, only two dogs at the play. Most dogs are philistines. That said, it was a bit long, even for me. The other dog was older and just went to sleep through the middle part. He must have been to plays before.

Enzo’s first play

Just as we left the theatre it started pouring down. The alfresco duck dinner was clearly off.  A nice couple of retired farmers gave us a lift back to the caravan park and the folks ate in. Discussions about tomorrows plans were underway but I was already half asleep; zzzzzzz rabbits zzzzzzz.

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