Seventeen Seventy, it’s all about Captain Cook

Apparently, it’s still school holidays! Agnes Water was very busy when we stopped on the way through. The Silverback found a parking spot, after a couple of times around the block, and we headed down to check out the surf beach. Originally, we had planned to stop at the campsite right there on the beach, but they have a ‘no dogs in school holidays’ policy, so maybe next time. This time we are going up the road to the Captain Cook Holiday Village at nearby Seventeen Seventy.

There’s a lot of Captain Cook history in these parts. Seems he was a sailor with a boat called the Endeavour. He pulled into Seventeen Seventy, back in the day. It was his second landing in Australia, shortly after Botany Bay. [I know Red Heelers are clever, but even an Afghan could figure out the year must have been Seventeen Seventy].

So, up Captain Cook Drive we went and pulled into the Captain Cook Holiday Village at Seventeen Seventy. The folks set up the new gazebo, which doubles nicely as a palatial dog kennel! After a bit of chat with the neighbours we decided to get fish and chips from, you guessed it, The Captain Cook Fish and Chip shop. Enough doggerel, the chips were very nice. I even got a bit of gluten free calamari!

We woke early to a symphony of men firing up their trucks to go fishing and squealing kids riding their bikes! From the park there is a bush track to the Seventeen Seventy back beach [15min], which is a dog off lead area. We walked South on the beach for about half an hour. Going North it becomes a turtle breeding reserve so, no dogs allowed that way.  It’s a classic Australian wilderness surf beach. The only other living things we saw were crabs and birds. Hard to believe after the crowds in town and at the campsite. About half way to Agnes Water we saw someone coming the other way in the distance, so we turned back!

On the way home we came across a juvenile Kangaroo, lurking with intent, right at the beach end of the bush track. I thought I’d better see it off, just in case. Strangely this act of heroism resulted in me having to walk the rest of the way home on the lead! We’d barely sat down in the giant blue dog kennel when we were off again to the Sunday markets at the SES grounds nearby on Captain Cook Drive. Lots of dogs at the market. It was sniff and greet central for a while there.

Having been a very big morning, I spent most of the afternoon sleeping while the folks caught up with their dog blog duties. I’m so lucky to have a great team around me! Makes me feel like Lewis Hamilton sometimes! Wake me up in time for dinner!

The next day we were surprised to see that the park was half empty. I guess the first week of school holidays was over. We did a bit of standard tourism; the Captain Cook Landing Monument and the lookouts at the North end of Seventeen Seventy before lunch at the 1770 Beach Hotel, or more precisely its verandah restaurant The Tree. Good dogs allowed at either end of the big shady verandah, but not in the middle. The folks thought the food was excellent! The cold beers went down well and the view over the river mouth and spit was very pleasant, even at dog level. The weather was a perfect 28 and sunny, Ah Queensland!… I got a couple of bits of calamari and a sliver of rump steak. Nice! Big sleep coming this afternoon then dinner, more sleep and moving on.  Ah! ‘the roving life is the life for me’!

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