How writing this dog travel blog all got started

Dog Day Zero – Prologue

Many dog days ago, at a beach house far, far away….

After a particularly good walk on my home beach complete with swimming in the ocean, catching waves, chasing a stick in and out of the water and bringing it back for the Silverback to throw; I woke from my afternoon nap and thought: ‘I need to do this at some new places, in fact I need to do this at lots of new and different places.’

playing stick with Silverback at the beach
playing stick with Silverback

In that inspirational moment I decided that Mum and Dad [not my real parents] needed to get a campervan and take myself, Yuri and Mini on a national tour. They needed a bit of convincing, but like the dedicated human attendants they are, they finally got on board, sold the old house that needed so much live in managing and bought a lock up and leave place in Queensland. Things were falling into place nicely.

sleeping on Yuri in my bed
in bed with Yuri

Why write a travel blog?

It occurred to me that I needed to share this idea with other dogs who may be looking for a bit of inspiration. Some dog’s lives can get a bit boring, doing the same things, eating the same food, day after day. So, to give these guys some hope, I decided to share what I learn by creating a dog-blog. Hopefully they can also inspire their humans to set them free from the hum drum of suburban life and go travelling.

I’m hoping to be able to fill my blog with information about places to go, things to see and do, dog friendly accommodation and restaurants a dog can take its owners to. Generally everything a dog needs to know about travelling in Australia. ‘Time will tell’ as the farm dog next door likes to say. Luckily the Sparrow and the Silverback have all the computer and camera necessities required for the project [not skills dogs generally need to acquire themselves].

So here we go!

First stop Uncle Rick’s [not my real uncle but I think he’s related to Mum and Dad somehow]. His girlfriend’s a real dog lover who has a dalmatian. Good place to start…

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