Portland to Warrnambool – Art galleries and more art galleries

Portland to Warrnambool

Art Galleries- good dogs might as well sleep in!

Stayed at the NRMA Portland Bay Holiday Park overlooking the bay and the dog beach. Sadly, after December 1st the dog beach becomes ‘dogs on lead’ beach, so the walk was less exciting than it might have been earlier in the year.  It was decidedly cool and windy anyhow, so the folks retired to the van to play Mah Jong while I kept an eye on things outside. The folks thought the amenities were good. The managers grow strawberries in the gardens which you can eat. They also keep chooks and you can help yourself to eggs – how’s that?

The previous day we’d explored Portland and nearby Nelson. Maybe we were still in the afterglow of the great time we had at Port Fairy but, I did not find either really appealing. We had to start heading back to Uncle Ricks for the Christmas home invasion I referred to in my last blog entry and headed back to Port Fairy where the folks wanted to visit a couple of art galleries.

Wishart Gallery, Port Fairy

First up Wishart Gallery. Good boys like me allowed inside on a lead. I don’t know much about art but walking around with the folks is much more fun than being tied up on the footpath. The folks seem to know a bit about art and they really liked it.

Second up Whalebone gallery. Good boys like me get tied to the veranda post and wait outside!  The winds were now building from the Southern Ocean, brrr. My teeth were chattering so loud when they came out that I couldn’t pick up if they liked it or not. Too cold to sit outside our favourite coffee shop so, back on the road to Warrnambool.

Whalebone Galllery, Port Fairy

Didn’t get off to a good start with Warrnambool! It’s December 21st in Australia. Imagine sunshine, beaches etc etc. Reality check: the Weatherzone app says it’s 15.4 degrees but feel like 9.4! Quick Google search of must do things and number one is visit the sea wall. So, we go and see it. There’s a wall and it sticks into the sea! Excellent

Silverback and the Sparrow went to the Warrnambool art gallery and seemed to have had a great time. I sat in the back of the van keeping an eye on some people over the road who were acting suspiciously.

Warrnambool Art Gallery

The dog friendly caravan park overlooking the beach turned out not to be dog friendly in summer, ditto the beach. Hmmm… Never one to be put off by small obstacles, the Silverback drove on to the Big 4 Warrnambool Figtree Holiday Park. Smaller park, despite its name, dog friendly, Swimming pool, spa, camp kitchen, $35 low season. Tucked into a corner for cheese and crackers.

Apparently ‘Shipwreck Coast’ tomorrow, something about Apostles?? Can’t stay awake. Sorry.


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