Port Wakefield – a place with sporting history

At a lunch-stop at Port Wakefield on the Yorke Peninsula the travel-dog team discover a beautiful historic village with ties to two of the nation’s sporting legends.

This was another ‘lets stop for lunch discovery’. Port Wakefield was one of the first government towns established in SA, originally as a port to support nearby copper mining and pastoral leases around 1850. It has many restored historic buildings causing the Sparrow’s camera to go into overdrive. The Silverback and I casually strolled behind taking in the scenery [and the smells of course]. It is also the start of the Walk the Yorke trail. In more recent history, the local raceway was the site of Jack Brabham’s first race win in 1955.

A tidal swimming pool has been created in the old riverbed after the river was diverted.  It has seen many swimming carnivals including some where the young Dawn Fraser competed! I managed to swim a couple of laps after the folk’s lunch. In the river I met the biggest dog I’d ever seen, some sort of mastiff / hound of the Baskervilles cross. His head was about as big as Bob’s microwave oven! Happily, he was either very friendly or just not hungry because the meeting passed uneventfully.

Port Wakefield proved a fascinating great place for a lunchtime stopover.

Port Wakefield's Tidal Pool where Dawn Fraser swam
Tidal Pool where Dawn Fraser swam


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