Penguin and Leven Valley


After a couple of days in Melbourne and a dodgy night on the Spirit of Tasmania it was great to get back to the campervan life. First stop Penguin, Tasmania.

Checked into the Penguin Caravan Park for two nights, cheap and cheerful, great location beach-side near the middle of town. Lots of dogs in the park- always a good sign, friendly locals.  All looked very promising! Spent the first afternoon sleeping off the voyage, then walked on the beach. Hard sand, rocky, the ball really flew. Happy hour, early night, explore in the morning.

Main street of Penguin, north west coast of Tasmania. Can you spot the penguin?

Coast to Canyon Drive

Leaving Penguin, we drove inland up the Leven Valley to Riana and Gunns Plains. A very pleasant drive though rich agricultural land with rolling hills and spectacular views. The Silverback and the Sparrow were having a great time, must admit I nodded off, hills valleys, green fields, zzzz, rabbits!

Mid-point was the Preston Falls, interesting little waterfall that would probably be more spectacular after rain. Then back in the van and along the opposite side of the valley back to Penguin.

The lush Leven Valley

Penguin Creek Gallery

We stopped at the Penguin Creek Gallery Café for a very late morning tea. This was probably the highlight of my morning. Great little café that apparently made good coffee and had those special gluten free cakes that the Sparrow likes so much. Better still, good boys like me allowed inside on the lead! The folks were impressed with the artworks and I must admit to liking the painting of Henry VIII and his dog.

Henry & his dog

Gave the Silverback a meaningful look to suggest it would be a nice artwork for the motor-home, but I don’t think he noticed. All the tables in the café were named after artists and he was busy choosing a table. Settled in under the Salvador Dali table. A corner of Dad’s cake and a lick of cream off his finger rounded the experience off perfectly. Top marks for this place.

Around the corner to the dog beach for a run after a pretty inactive morning, then it was back to the caravan park for a sleep whilst the folks played with their computers. Another day done!

4 thoughts on “Penguin and Leven Valley

  1. “Henry’s Bull Terrier “was my painting. There was another that would interest a dog “Boleyn’s Beagle”‘ also at the Penguin Gallery. Glad you liked it.Katherine Tyson

    1. Must have missed the other one Aunty Katherine. Would have loved to have seen it.
      If it was as good as ‘Henry’s Bull Terrier’ it may have sold already!
      Thanks for your comment.
      Cheers Enzo

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