Orford – a bit of doggy heaven

After some hectic days in Hobart with hot weather, wild winds and a couple of visits to Club Canine while the folks did art galleries and museums, it was great to get out of the city and back to the rural seaboard. Orford is a great little town based around the mouth of the Prosser River in South East Tasmania. Immediately offshore is the Maria Island National Park. I never pay much attention to national parks because I never get to go there!

We stayed a couple of nights at the Beachside Holiday Park just north of town. The park is across the road from Raspin’s beach. The folks raved about the amenities (I think they must be like facilities, not sure). Met the park owners who are clearly dog lovers, hence the dog friendly park. The male owner is a builder and built the park, he and his wife have been running it for four years now. Showers have timers, washing machines $5, dryers the same. (It’s amazing how much information you can pick up while lying under a campervan!)

Evening walk on Raspin’s beach

The first evening we walked north up the beach, which is a dog off lead area (after 6pm or before 10am in Summer). Fantastic beach, met a couple of friendly local dogs walking their owners. One of the owners gave me a tennis ball he had found on the beach. How friendly is that! Apparently, his dogs have yet to figure out what to do with a tennis ball. I’ll get the Sparrow to send them one of my training videos. Slept well after the hectic days in Hobart.

Next morning, got up early with the Sparrow and jogged into town along the walking track. About 2km each way. Great sunrise; apparently, we might come back even earlier tomorrow so the Sparrow can do some photography. Got back just as the Silverback was getting up.

Sunrise over the river mouth, Orford

Another silverback type and his wife, who also owned a VW campervan, came over to discuss the ins and outs of storage, house batteries, water tanks, porta-loos, rotating seats, curtain tracks and the like with the folks. They went on for hours, I nodded off at one point. Turns out the other couple live just south of us on the Sunshine Coast and we might go and see them when we get back. This really is a friendly place!

Looking up the river to Orford

Eventually we got off on the morning walk. Walked south into town on a path that runs along the bay and riverbank. Mostly ‘dog on lead’ – due to a bird sanctuary in the sand banks around the river mouth. Still, it was a great walk. Beautiful estuary mouth with sand bars. There were lots of boat jetties and kids jumping in the water. Nice town this. The folks were very impressed. Managed to drag them away from the real estate shop windows. It would be way too cold for the Sparrow in Winter! All up, we walked for about two hours (on top of the dawn 4km run) so I slept most of the afternoon. We did the north off lead beach again in the evening. Top dog spot this.

Enzo quick summary: Orford is a great dog friendly town. I would imagine this applies whether you want to just visit or stay forever.

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