Leaving Merimbula and starting out on the road


Enzo dog sitting in the back of the van, wearing a harness and hooked on.
Not too impressed with the harness, but ‘safety first’

Setting off from Merimbula there’s an air of anticipation in the Van. I’m in the back wearing the ‘highway travel safety harness’. This doubles as the ‘going for a sedate walk on the lead’ gear. It has a back attachment for the car and a chest attachment for walking! Hard to believe anything could be so complicated but seems that’s how it must be. The Sparrow tells me it’s all for my own good. Never bite the hand that feeds you, eh! Small price to pay for becoming a travel-dog I guess!

looking across the laske to Merimbula with a tinny in the foreground

Early morning in Merimbula

Looking across the lake to Merimbula from Fishpen
Looking across the lake to Merimbula from Fishpen

Good Dog Walking Spots

Hard to know which part of Merimbula I’ll miss most. The Main Beach is a great place for surfing and chasing Ball, it’s also pretty social. Best in the mornings before the afternoon sea breezes kick in. Watch out for the kite surfers though. Those big kites are decidedly threatening and need a good barking at to keep them at bay. For on lead walking there’s the path around the lake in town and the mangrove boardwalk that starts just near the bridge. Both, good spots for swimming in the lake to retrieve sticks. There’s a smaller dog beach at Lions’s Park in Pambula Beach for a quickie walk and a long, isolated beach at Tura when you want to get away from the mob. Late afternoon every Dog and it’s human turn up at Short Point Recreation Reserve dog park. It’s great to have other humans there to keep your own busy so you can run around and sniff as many dogs as you like without having to tend to human’s never ending companionship needs!  (For full info on the dog off leash areas see the Bega Council’s page here)

Our favourite cafes

After morning walks most dogs go to either Waterfront Café or The Sundeck in town or Cranky’s Cafe over in Fishpen to get their owners a coffee fix. The waitresses are efficient with the plastic water bowls. If its lunch or dinner, dogs are also allowed at the outside tables at Ritzy’s.  It’s not like Noosa, where dogs get to go to lots or restaurants, but it’s still pretty dog friendly in Merimbula.

Anyhow, enough reflection. A dog lives in the present, not the past.

campervan with Enzo standing outside
My new home

Travel-dog tips for the road:

  1. If it looks like the humans are wanting to go a long way, the wise dog just goes to sleep. If anything interesting is going to happen the van will pull up at a park and they’ll wake you up.
  2. Best not to eat too much breakfast in case the roads are windy.
  3. If the trip is getting just too boring, letting a fart run free generally stimulates conversation. Just a little one mind, you’re not announcing your arrival at a dog-park! Poor dears would have to stop the van for one of those.

Wake me when we get somewhere………

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