Lake Argyle to Broome

Keeping ahead of the wet

The wet season was coming and many of the Kimberly stopover spots were starting to pack up for the summer. Apparently once the rains come, they can be cut off for weeks, just them and the crocs! The folks decided to beat a fairly direct path for the WA coastline.

Bungle Bungle Caravan Park

We had one-night at the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park. They do a camp dinner, but the folks had something in the slow cooker. [It was pretty much the wallaby stew recipe they learnt at Kakadu, but with chicken substituted for the wallaby! It smelt great! I got to lick both bowls and the saucepan]. The Caravan Park is more of a bush camp really. It’s just at the edge of the Bungle Bungle National Park. There were kangaroos everywhere, so I had to wear the escape proof harness. I do like chasing Kangaroos but have been known to get lost in the process. At the campfire the folks chatted to some nice folk from Brisbane who were travelling in the opposite direction and swapped campsite recommendations.

Mustering Ute outside the dining tent at Bungle Bungle Caravan Park


Well, are you going to move, or do I have to walk around you?

Fitzroy Crossing

The next morning, we stopped in Fitzroy Crossing for breakfast.  Jalangurru Mayi is a fabulous cafe with a hydroponic veggie garden, a chef training program and five stars on TripAdvisor. Dogs allowed on the verandah; bowls of water offered [I like that]. After some pretty dodgy outback dining experiences, the folks really enjoyed their breakfasts. A special dinner was planned for that evening, but difficulties arose when they went to buy wine. Due to local regulations to curb problem drinking, there are no takeaway alcohol sales anywhere in Fitzroy Crossing! Alcohol can only be bought by the glass, in a licenced bar!

Jalangurru Mayi cafe at Fitzroy Crossing

Yeeda Station

We drove another 250km to Yeeda Station. This is a glamping stay on a big cattle station, run by a French chef, Patrice and his wife Chantal. They were nice folk. Patrice was a real dog lover. We were the first people to arrive. The folks swam in the pool while I ran around inside the pool fence trying to encourage them to get out before they drowned. The property has a lovely old homestead where the managers live. There are lots of cattle, kangaroos and crocs in the river, so after swimming I was in the escape proof harness for the night again!

Homestead, pool and gardens

Dinner was served at a fairy-light lit table under the stars. Plat de Jour was beautifully grilled barramundi, tossed salad and chef’s potatoes lyonnaise followed by a baked desert with berries and ice cream. The Sparrow couldn’t eat the desert [dairy disagrees with her], so chef made her an individual coconut milk creme brulee, complete with cracking top. How good is that! It won’t surprise anyone that the folks absolutely loved this place!

The dining lawn and fire pit


Glamping tents

The other couple at dinner were a German journalist, Stephan, and his wife Margarita. They were travelling, meeting Australian grey nomads for an article Stephan was writing for a German travel magazine. I was fascinated to meet a real journalist. They talked for hours about travels, journalism, Enzotraveldog, and favourite dinner-table stories. I listened carefully, trying to pick up blogging tips.  The next morning Stephan took about two hundred photos of us and the van! I’m guessing we may be getting a mention in his article. Can’t wait to see it. I might have to get one of my German Shepherd mates to translate it for me.

After dinner Patrice gave the Silverback a big take-away container full of steak trimmings for me. How dog friendly is that? I had them with my biscuits over the next few nights. They were delicious.

Thanking Patrice for the steak

We’ve almost reached the west coast. I can’t wait to go for a swim somewhere where there are no crocs. We had some great experiences travelling across the top end of Australia. Here’s hoping that travelling south down the coast is just as good.

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