Laid low in Bicheno

On the way to Bicheno I mostly slept in the back of the van. We stopped briefly at Campbell Town, I’d been there before, seen the famous Red Bridge and peed on the sculptures carved from dead tree trunks. My scent was fading, so I topped it up. Last time we went on the riverbank walk and played ball. This time we just stopped for morning tea at Cafe 100. Great coffee apparently, never drink it myself. The Silverback was disappointed yet again that there were no apple slices! As it was a hot day, we also took a short swim break at Swansea.

The convict built Red Bridge in Campbell Town

Arriving in Bicheno the Silverback did the usual reconnoitre drive. The rocks off the end of the point and Governor Island looked worthy of exploration. A long queue at the fish shop nearby suggested it might be worth a try!

Checked into the Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park. Of the three dog friendly camp sites, this one is nearest to the town centre. Midday, 30 degrees, so we just set up the van, had lunch and chilled. We were right next to the car and boat washing space, so lots of visitors to greet. The folks were discussing the fact that the weather forecasts in Tasmania were very unreliable (it was only supposed to reach 25 today). This must be true as they have talked about it every day for the last two weeks! Having heard it all before I nodded off…. Dinner at the van and a few prime rump steak trimmings rounded the day off nicely.

The folks discovered there was a coastal walking track running all around the point and the bay, about 7km in all and were keen to do it. I nodded my silent agreement, wagging my tail to show enthusiasm.  We headed off early the next day to beat the heat. Penguin rookeries on the way meant it was a lead and harness walk. The walk was fantastic, ‘triple A’ Enzo rating, weaving in and out of the scrub, large parts across the seaside rocks, past the blow hole, along the docks and boat ramp, past the bird colonies on Governor Island, back into town, along the main beach, then across more rocks and finishing at the surf beach. Just follow your nose and the scent of all those who went before. For people with no dog to guide the way there were strategic white paint marks on the rocks. It even had a seat half way for silverbacks to take a rest. Found a couple of track-side delicacies on the way. Nice!

From the pier you could see there was a cafe out back of The Glutch fish shop (the one with the big queue that we had seen the night before). The Sparrow, sharp eyed as ever, noted that they served Josef Chromy pinot noir by the glass. The folks decided to eat dinner there. (I think I once took a midday nap under a table at Josef Chromy’s winery, not sure, I don’t pay wineries a lot of attention.  Like most dogs, I have a sip of beer occasionally, but wines not for me).

Bicheno Wharf and Govenor Island

Not feeling 120%, I had a big sleep under the van when we got back. I chucked several times during the afternoon. I’m not sure if it was the heat or one of the things I ate on the morning walk. I was still a little seedy when we got back to the Glutch. No table scraps for me! The Silverback had stepped in a pothole towards the end of the walk, turning his ankle, so we had driven to the cafe. We were both a bit ‘laid low in Bicheno’. Only the Sparrow survived the day unscathed. Odd, she is usually the accident-prone member of the entourage!

The Glutch fish and chip cafe at the wharf in Bicheno

The folks enjoyed their tea at The Glutch, I ate some dry biscuits later and managed to keep them down. Should be right tomorrow!

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