Hobart, Club Canine and MONA

There comes a time when a dog just needs the company of dogs for a change. Had one of those days today. Checked into Club Canine Hobart for a bit of dog time. Unfortunately, humans not allowed so bought the folks tickets for MONA  and booked them in for lunch The Source. I promised the folks a bit of space at the bottom of the page to talk about it.

Club Canine

Club Canine has a giant indoor play area where dogs can run around together, play on the adventure playground and generally cut loose. Spent the morning with the big dogs and the afternoon with the small dogs (being a medium sized dog is an automatic ticket to meeting everyone). There are places where a dog can nap, if they need to, but having in bred stamina, I generally don’t bother. That said, a day of tourism with the folks will be a nice rest tomorrow.

Making new friends

No particular advice for my canine readers other than it’s important to keep the fluids up when anticipating a day of full-on activity. The Club Canine staff take lots of photos and post them on Facebook just in case the owners get separation anxiety.

All in all, it was a big day and I was glad to get back to the campervan where, after a substantial dinner, I promptly fell asleep.

MONA and The Source – the folks report

We have both been looking forward to visiting MONA for ages, great that we finally had the opportunity. It’s an amazing place, the building itself is quite an experience. Just navigating your way around its quirky corners and passages is engaging, Sparrow particularly the tunnel. We saw some great art works. An eclectic mix including Egyptian artefacts, James Turrell and Anselm Kiefer installations, Sydney Nolan paintings and an obese Porsche. The lunch at their main restaurant, The Source, was equally memorable. Just a couple of pics.



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