Hervey Bay – Together Again

Finally, back to ‘van living’! I’m guessing the folks will need a couple of days to get back in the zone; but I’m already there! The thing I like most, other than the walking, is the idea of being out together all day and sleeping in the van together at night. No more minding the house while they go somewhere. If we go anywhere, we all go, and the house comes too!

On the way we stopped for a walk around Maryborough, a historic town on the Mary River that according to the Sparrow-phone began life as a major Port. Without doubt, its most famous former inhabitant is P L Travers, the author of Mary Poppins. Met her statue on the way, didn’t pee on it out of respect.  The pedestrian crossing lights in the middle of town have Mary Poppins silhouettes rather than the walking man! Cute!

Meeting Mary Poppins in Maryborough

At the recommendation of friends in Tin Can Bay, we checked in to Sunlodge Oceanfront Tourist Park, Point Vernon, Hervey Bay. It’s a small, quiet park at the Northwest end of town, away from the central hubbub. Probably not good for kids, but great for my little dog pack. An ensuite site was $40 peak season, little pool, barbeque kitchen. Two nearby dog beaches.

First morning we walked along the mangrove dog beach that starts at Parraweena Park. Fantastic walk but I got back ready for a nap. Luckily the folks wanted to try out a new gazebo they had bought, so I slept under the van for a while. Then I got up and slept some more in the gazebo. I can see myself spending time in it when it’s hot.

In the afternoon we went to the Urangan Pier at the East end of town. About 100 years old, it was originally built for shipping sugar cane and coal. On arrival the folks got distracted by a busker and didn’t notice the ‘no dogs on pier’ sign. I gave them ‘did you see the sign’ look, but they didn’t get the message. Lovely walk out into the bay, the pier’s just under 1 km long. We passed a few people fishing and riding bikes. The Sparrow spotted the sign as we came off the pier and felt deep remorse. I gave her the ‘if anyone has to go to jail, I’ll volunteer’ look, but she wasn’t reassured. My telepathic powers must have faded! On the way back the folks saw a place called Enzo’s on the Beach and thought that was enough reason to call in for a cold beer. The view of the bay was very cool.

Next day we did the other dog beach from the Gataker’s Bay boat ramp to Essa Park. This was also very neat. More the rock shelf style beach, with rock pools and the ever-elusive crabs – amazing how they seem to know you are coming and dart under a rock just before you get to them! At the Essa Park end it becomes a sandy beach, great for a swim. Chased a few balls there, before walking back along the cliff-walk past some big houses. I napped while the folks did the laundry.

In the afternoon we went back into town and walked the Torquay boardwalk. This is nice and shady in the heat of the day. Strangely we dropped in at Enzo’s on the Beach again on the way home. Guess the folks really like that it’s named after me!

I think the folks are getting into the vibe after three nights at Hervey Bay. Apparently, the plan tomorrow is drive to the next town, see if we like the look of it and if so, book in somewhere. That’s the spirit!

4 thoughts on “Hervey Bay – Together Again

  1. Hello Enzo, we are in Tassie following your blog, we have seen some many beautiful things thanks to your travel advice. Keep up the good work. Next time you are in Torquay come and visit 😘

    1. Glad it’s useful for you Yunesi. I’m taking the folks on the big round Australia loop later in the year. Should be in Victoria sometime over Summer. Cheers Enzo.

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