Esperance has stunning scenery, but is it dog friendly?

In Esperance we discovered stunning coastal scenery, a great dog friendly caravan park near a dog beach and visited local attractions. Mid-week lunches at dog friendly venues proved challenging, but we got there in the end.

After looking around we chose the Bather’s Paradise Caravan Park, at the northern end of Esperance, a dog friendly, family run park just one block away from Castletown dog beach. It had a good camp kitchen and there were fresh flowers in the bathrooms! The paperwork even included a recommended dog sitter. Each day started and ended with a run on the beach, breakfast and dinner were delivered right on time, so from an Enzo perspective, it was a great couple of days!


Dog friendly beach at Castletown, Esperance near Bathers Paradise Caravan Park
Castletown beach in Esperance near Bathers Paradise Caravan Park

Dog friendly beach at Castletown, with old pier footings at Esperance near Bathers Paradise Caravan Park


The Great Ocean Drive

The first day we did the Great Ocean Drive. [Sparrow note: Not to be confused with the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, which we have visited previously] This was the highlight; a 40 km drive along the ocean with multiple stops at vantage points. ‘Surfing the look-outs’ the Silverback called it. The white sand, blue water and sunshine make for fabulous views. There are a series of small islands off Esperance adding to the spectacle. The folks thought it was worth going to Esperance just for this. The return loop of the drive goes past Pink Lake, a beautiful, white, salt-lake. Apparently it used to be pink back in the day due to salt-loving algae, but a conspiracy of human interventions reduced the salt levels.

beautiful blue water and islands on the Great Ocean Drive, Esperance

beautiful white sandy beaches on the Great Ocean Drive, Esperance

lots of stairs down to the beach on the Great Ocean Drive, Esperance
Good ‘workout’ to get to some of the beaches on the Great Ocean Drive

Beautiful white sandy beaches and surf breaks

the very white 'Pink' Lake at Esperance
The very white ‘Pink’ Lake at Esperance

Finding a dog friendly lunch venue on a Tuesday proved impossible! Actually, I prefer lunch in the van; bits get passed my way in a civilised manner rather than ‘accidentally’ dropped on the floor.



Just out of town we visited Stonehenge. A local farmer has built a life-sized replica of Stonehenge from local granite that even has solstice alignment! It was surrounded by an electric fence to keep the cattle out, so I sat on the verandah chatting to the caretaker while the folks wandered over for a look. Electric fences and I have history!

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The folks planned to go on a cruise around the islands the second day. The operator’s wife minded dogs at the office, but weather and availability conspired against it.

Dog Friendly Dining

We had a good lunch at Taylor Street Quarters, on the waterfront. A least one dog friendly cafe was open on a Wednesday! The Sparrow couldn’t manage all the smoked salmon in her Buddha Bowl. It was excellent! The Silverback had no problems with his fish tacos so I’m guessing they also tasted good.

4 thoughts on “Esperance has stunning scenery, but is it dog friendly?

  1. We went down to Esperance a couple of years ago and couldn’t find a pet sitter.
    Could you share the one that was recommended to you?

    1. Sorry Beccy, but didn’t use a pet sitter. The folks cruise was cancelled and besides that, the folks couldn’t bear to be without me.

  2. Thankyou Enzo! It’s always hard to find dog friendly places and you make it much easier for us to enjoy our holidays. Oh and mum loved the fact that Bathers Paradise caravan park also had a dog blanket washing machine, we, however were NOT impressed by the dog wash sink!
    Happy travels Deesha & Siska

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