Enzo’s Morning Walk in Stanley

Drove into Stanley’s historic main street, pulled up next to the Brown Dog Cafe (seemed a prospect for morning tea) and went for a walk. The main street is full of early colonial and Victorian buildings. Stanley was apparently settled 1820’s becoming a town in 1842. A lot of the older buildings offer tourist accommodation.

A billboard further on showed when the street was used for the period drama movie ‘The Light Between Oceans’. They had taken down all the modern signs and covered the road with dirt to make it look authentic. There were shots of actors in period costumes, horses and buggies etc. Looked like a lot of fun was had. Wonder if any dogs got jobs as extras?

At the other end of town, I came across a very fancy dog water bowl outside the Speckled Hen Cafe. Not sure if it was the bowl that attracted them, but the folks decided to stop there for morning coffee.

Water bowl at the Speckled Hen Cafe

A couple of kids came out of the shop, each with a bag of mixed lollies. I dutifully befriended them in case they dropped any, no such luck! They were with their dad. Friendly chap. Suggested that on the way out of town we just continue straight up the main street which runs via the beach, up past the historic homestead ‘Highfield’, along the ridge around town and back down to the highway on the other side. From up on the ridge you could see it all. The Sparrow’s camera went into overdrive!

View over Stanley and The Nut

Just before we got back in the car, we had been to the Cow ‘n’ Calf Art Gallery. A photographer’s gallery next to the Brown Dog Cafe. The folks went inside but I just checked out his work from the van window. He did a lot of that clever photo manipulation work that makes photos look like paintings. The folks were very impressed. The Silverback gave the photographer a congratulatory thumbs up and nod on his way out.

The temperature at 11.30 this morning was 21c. Apparently that’s the average maximum summer temperature in Stanley. The Sparrow was wearing jeans and a hoodie. (We are now officially Queenslanders after all) The friendly chap at the Cafe was a local, so he was wearing shorts, thongs and a singlet! They breed them tough in Tassie! Kind of glad I didn’t come across any working dogs in town, just one floppy little puppy. I nodded casually.

Driving to Strahan this afternoon…think I’ll just sleep until we get there.

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