Enzo meets ‘da Kat’

Change is afoot! It all started about two weeks ago when we had a visitor. I’d heard that Kat was coming and was initially concerned we may be getting a kitten and that I, as senior domestic animal, would be responsible for looking after the little, litter spreading darling. Luckily, I managed to dodge that bullet, but the visit was quite strange!

There’s a knock at the door and in comes da Kat, a female human carrying the scent of many dogs. Obvious dog lover I thought. I rushed over to say hello, tail wagging. I threw in a couple of donuts for good measure. I like to impress! Totally ignored me, spoke to the folks and sat down on the sofa. I initially thought she might be visually impaired. Gave her a second chance; nothing!, This was obviously strategic ignoring! The Silverback suggested I go to bed. I lay down to ponder the situation.

da Kat and the folks chatted for a while. I heard my name a few times, sometimes linked to phrases like ‘gets over excited’ and there was a lot of discussion about walking, leads, harnesses and playing ball.  Seemed da Kat might be some sort of personal trainer who had come to teach the folks new dog games. Not that I had ever complained about the old ones. A working dog doesn’t complain, he just gets on with the job!

I started to get up at one stage and da Kat came over and told me to sit. I obliged; she was a visitor after all. Then she just stood over me not saying anything. After a minute I started to feel decidedly uncomfortable and had an overwhelming urge to lie down with my chin on my paws. Weird feeling! Next time I started to get up, she got the Silverback to come over and do the same routine! This time the urge to lie down came quicker! Must be something in my breeding, like knowing when you’re in cattle country [see: The Banana Shire]. After about an hour of talking, the humans all shook hands and da Kat left. I was decidedly unsure about the dog telepathy trick and was still on my bed trying to figure it out.

That afternoon we went shopping. It was great! I got a new lead and a new travel kennel with grey canvas sides and roof. Maybe da Kat was really a dog-shopping advisor? I like my new kennel. It’s like having my own room’. I’ve been spending a fair bit of time in it. It’s on the verandah during the day and in the lounge room at night. The folks say it’s coming in the campervan too. It will look neat in the big blue tent. The Sparrow is a stickler for those decor matters.

Walking has also changed a bit. There are more lead-walks and I don’t have to wear the harness anymore (Yippee woof!) It has become a bit more work like., a sort of ‘formation marching’. Also, when I do get to go to the beach, it’s ‘lead-on’ up the road to the next access track before we start. Then, on the beach, there’s less ball chasing and more coming back and sitting for treats (a game I’ve always liked and am delighted to be doing more of).

Coincidentally the Silverback has started going to gym. Maybe he was getting over excited too! We powerwalk into town, I sit tethered at station guarding his bag for twenty minutes, then we powerwalk home. It’s all a bit meditative for me. Guarding has always been one of my duties [see: Guard the Van Enzo]. Must say, economy being in the state it is, I’m grateful for the work. On Tuesdays a bubbly lady, whose cousin in Italy is apparently also called Enzo, comes to the gym. She always gives me the ‘mamma-massage’ on her way in and yells out ‘Çiao Enzo’ when we leave. The Silverback’s a bit worried she’s going to bring me a bowl of spaghetti one day.

Speaking of dinner, that’s something else that has changed. Now, when the bowl goes down, I have to sit and look the folks in the eye until they give me the signal to eat. How odd’s that? It would be much less effort them to just put it down and carry on with their business. Work must be in their blood lines too!

Puppy File Archive Photos

I had a blue kennel when I was a puppy. Back then, I thought I had to sleep ‘on’ the bed! Sadly, I ate that one (completely age appropriate behaviour).  I’m definitely past that stage.

My first walk on a lead, shortly after I met the folks, aged 4 months.

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