Enzo gets Spirited Away

‘Going to Tasmania by boat’ said the Silverback. ‘You’ll love the boat Enzo’, he said.

So, I was looking forward to the trip. I’ve been on the Noosa River Ferry a couple of times, where good dogs travel for free and get to sit on the bench seats next to the people. It’s a great trip where you can take in all the river’s views and smells.

First hint that things were not quite as expected was when I heard I was going to have my own room! Personally, I prefer being in the same space as the folks, that’s why I love the campervan life so much. My concerns were heightened somewhat when we finally got onto the Spirit of Tasmania and I saw my room! Well, cage might be a better description! I took a photo for the dog-blog. You’ll be fine said the Silverback, you get to sleep on your own bed and we got you on the top floor, so no one can pee on you. Must admit the second concession was thoughtful!

Dog cabins on the Spirit of Tasmania

I did see a photo of their room when we were putting the blog together. As I expected they had gone business class whilst I was in economy. Sometimes they forget this blog is called Enzo-travel-dog!

Twin Cabin on the Spirit of Tasmania

The big Labrador down the bottom row had a very difficult night, getting peed on from above a couple of times. In fact, his humans just left his bed when they picked him up the next morning. I heard them apologising for their lack of foresight and promising to buy him a new bed as they walked off to their car.

Things turned out toasty on the top row, plus you could see all the comings and goings in the car park. There were a couple of tense moments when car alarms went of and all the dogs started barking. But otherwise, the night was no worse than the odd night I’ve spent sharing a cell in a boarding kennels.

Goodbye Melbourne!
sailing away from Melbourne on the Spirit of Tasmania,

That said, I didn’t want to let the folks of the hook too easy in the morning, so I gave them an indignant look and pulled all the way to the van where I stood demanding to sit in the front with the Sparrow. Works every time. The folks drove straight to a dog beach, took me walking and gave me an extra big breakfast.

Looking forward to exploring Tasmania! Might need to catch up on some sleep in the van today, hope we don’t stop too often.

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