Driving the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula, SA

Driving down the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula, we discover wheat fields, historic towns and jetties. Seafood is big. Dog friendly caravan parks abound but dog friendly restaurants less so.


We checked into the Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park, right in the middle of town. New Years Eve fireworks were scheduled to be from the pier opposite. The park was just coming to the end of major renovations with new bathrooms and camp kitchen. The new pool was in and full, just waiting for the surrounding paving to be finished. There were beach walks across the street, a pub with a big beer garden next door and an easy walk to the shopping strip. All in all, a great little park.

In our walk around town, we met a very feisty Pelican on the pier.  He was after the fishermen’s scraps and probably felt I was muscling in on his territory! After, the folks enjoyed a meal at the pub, dogs were allowed in the outside area and country size servings meant doggy bag leftovers. The New Years Eve fireworks were a lovely country town affair, held at 9.30 so the kids didn’t have to stay up too late.  I love fireworks. When the folks rescued me, I came home on New Years Eve and we sat and watched the Merimbula fireworks together.

Streaky Bay

We spent a night here at the Islands Caravan Park which is just out of town. It has large campsites, overlooking the water with little islands offshore. Holiday makers were wading in the shallows looking for abalone; Top Spot! Apparently the amenities were more like personal bathrooms. A great place to chill for a couple of days. The local pub was strictly no dogs, not even in the outside areas! The folks had a great lunch at the Bay Funktion Cafe. Dog bowls provided, three dogs at lunch, way too much bacon for the sparrow to eat by herself, so more doggy bag treats. I think bacon is possibly the best thing in the world! Oddly, the pub owner had recommended the cafe as the only dog friendly eatery in town while turning the folks away! You’d think he’d catch on!

The weather was hot. We drove around the area to take advantage of Bob’s air-con but didn’t spend long out of the van. There are lots of great place to be found driving the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula. Spots we liked are: The historic pub at Port Kenny renown for great seafood. Murphy’s Haystacks a group of interesting Inselbergs [Worth looking up: The most famous inselberg in Australia is Uluru, Wave Rock, which we visited earlier, is one also].


Smoky Bay, a beautiful holiday village with a nicely restored fishing jetty where they apparently loaded wheat here back in the day. Venus Bay, a nice little surfing town. Elliston had a historic ‘screw-pile’ jetty fitted with ultra-modern solar lights. There was also a coastal clifftop drive with roadside sculptures and surf-spots.

Sculptures of heads, similar to those found on Easter Island
Just some of the sculptures to be found on the Anxious Bay Cliff Top Loop

Surfing at Black’s
Ellistons 424m long screw pile jetty

Coffin Bay

Home of Coffin Bay oysters, this town had several good eateries. We stayed at Coffin Bay Caravan Park, the big caravan park in the middle of town, it was packed as you might expect, being New Year’s holiday. A huge German Shepherd took a fancy to eating me on one of my late-night walks. Happily, his rope was about three feet too short and he did a neat body spin and nearly strangled himself just before reaching me. Having dodged that bullet, I just smiled to myself and walked on.

There were two top shelf oyster restaurants in town, both dog friendly in their outside eating areas. The folks had an excellent lunch at 1802 Oyster Bar, so called after the year Matthew Flinders discovered the bay and named it after his mate Sir Isaac Coffin (I kid you not!). In fact, the lunch was so good, they went back again the next day to try some of the other menu items.


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  1. We love reading Enzo’s blogs. You have us rolling around with laughter and it’s a great intro into Oz for us. Thank you John and Anna. France

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