Enzo’s top five in dog friendly Peregian Beach

Peregian Beach is one of the most dog friendly places I have visited.  There is a great little village that is full of dog friendly eateries, and even a specialist pet shop, but of course, it is all about the beach. Without doubt this is one of the best dog beaches anywhere and an Enzo favourite. At the south end of town, from Pitta St to Coolum there’s 5km of free running where a dog can really cut loose. You will meet lots of dogs, their owners, keep a wary eye on eagles, chase a few crabs, surf and swim as much as you like. Sometimes people even drop out of the sky on parachutes. The only rule is don’t steal another dog’s ball. I know the urge can be strong, but it really spoils the ‘doggy karma’ if you do!

Enzo enjoying the waves on Peregian dog beach
Winter at Peregian Beach

Of course, if you are coming to Peregian Beach to go to the beach, you’ll need somewhere to sleep. Dogs usually bring their own bed, but humans need somewhere to stay. The Enzotraveldog team like Horizons, which is dog friendly for smaller dogs. These are at the South end of town directly opposite the beach. We particularly like upstairs ones with roof gardens so the Silverback and I can watch people surfing. Balconies back and front are good for keeping a dog-eye on security and great at sunrise and sunset. Pam and Tony at reception stock a few emergency supplies in case your owners forget the ball thrower or, Dog forbid, the treats. There’s a park across the road for meet & sniff and ablutions, a pool for kids and visitors even get discount vouchers for local restaurants. How good is that?

After your morning walk, you folks will need their breakfast. Going into Peregian Beach village for breakfast will make them feel special. Humans like that! There’s a nice lady who puts dog water bowls around the village square every day. Rest assured no dog has ever died of thirst in Peregian Beach! It’s a very dog friendly town and ‘doggy central’ at cafe time. Most of the breakfast places welcome dogs in outside areas. The folk’s favourites are the Baked Poetry Cafe for a bakery style breakfast or The Hand of Fatima when they fancy something spicy. But that said, there are many others including a French Patisserie, the Bakery and some restaurants which open for breakfast.

View of Peregian Beach village cafe strip, full of people and dogs
Dog central at Hand of Fatima
Breakfast in the Peregian Beach Village Square

After breakfast your folks will want to walk the shops. There are fancy clothing and interior design shops, estate agents and the like; good for the Sparrow to window shop but not very interesting for dogs. However, you never know who you might meet while tied up outside! Stick with it because eventually you will come to Peticular. This is my favourite shop. Exclusively pet products, it has everything from collars, leads and treats to doggy surfing life jackets. Decidedly worth a sniff.

Inside Peticular, specialist pet shop at Peregian Beach, with 2 dogs
So many to choose from!

Morning done, it’s usually back to the apartment for a nap for this little cattle dog. A working dog’s gotta sleep after all, especially if you’re going to nip over the road for an afternoon swim or game of ball later.

Before you know it, it will be a dog’s favourite time of day, Dinner Time. I like to get my staples at the apartment before taking the folks out for dinner in the village. Maybe a titbit under the table later if the Silverback’s feeling generous! Again, there are several options, but the folks mostly go to Peregian Beach Hotel if they want modern pub food and live music or Periwinkle French Restaurant if they want a treat.  The Captain’s Daughter is a bar style venue serving fish and chips and bar snacks and there are several other eateries in town covering Japanese, Indian, Pizza, Steak and Seafood. An amazing range for a seaside village. I’m not sure why humans have to make things so complicated, I love the biscuits and little cans from the IGA. I could eat those everyday………..Hang on, I do.

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