Torquay – getting ready for the Big Guy in red


Wow so much has happened that I missed writing the Dog Blog for a couple of days! As I mentioned last time we had to double back to Torquay. It seems cousin Leo the Labrador and his family in Queensland were in imminent danger. Some guy in a Red Suit was going to come down their chimney! Don’t remember seeing a fireplace, must be in one of the ‘dogs not allowed’ rooms. Anyhow, several family members were gathering at the house to protect the kids, so Silverback and The Sparrow were going to fly up as reinforcements. Lucky they’ve got Leo there! He’d give any intruder what for!

Enzo busy writing his blog

Meanwhile Uncle Rick had to fly off to the mines to work and I was billeted in with Lennie the Dalmation and his mum, who I think must be Uncle Rick’s girlfriend. I don’t fly. I don’t think that’s a natural thing for a dog to do. If the Big Dog in the Sky had wanted us to fly, we’d all have wings.

Lennie’s mum is really cool to stay with. You get to lie on the sofa to watch TV and all sorts of stuff I can’t do at home. Lennie even sleeps on the mum’s bed! Must admit I was very comfortable on my cushion at the foot of the bed, but on sleep-in morning I got invited up too. Really soft doona! Very comfy!

Lennie’s mum is an aged care nurse and one day we went into the hospital as doggie care-assistants. Meal times were a highlight. Lots of the residents seemed to accidentally drop chips or bits of cake on the floor and our job was do go around and clean it up. Nice work if you can get it! Cousin Leo would love this job!  I wouldn’t want to do it every day though. A celebrity dog needs to keep in shape for the cameras. Lucky I’ve got the Sparrow in my entourage as live-in dietician.

The folks got back from Queensland and we went back to Rick’s for a day. We hit the road again tomorrow.

Just to finish off the Queensland story. It sounds like the guy in the red suit never actually showed up, so the family took the opportunity to have a big lunch together and give he kids some presents. So, no home invader to be subdued after all! Still, there’s safety in numbers in potentially dangerous situations like that. Better to be safe than sorry!

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