Rutherglen Sign

Corowa and Rutherglen: History and wineries

February 16, 2020

The travel dog team stay at Corowa, one of their last stops on the Murray River and visit nearby Rutherglen.

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Driving the River Murray: Mannum to Echuca

February 8, 2020

Driving East along the River Murray from Mannum, the Enzotraveldog team travel from South Australia to Victoria, to New South Wales and back to Victoria. This is where three states, and the three major rivers of the Murray Darling Basin meet. Brief stopovers in Morgan, Renmark, Wentworth, Robinvale, Swan Hill and Echuca each revealed dog […]

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Enzo gets Spirited Away

January 12, 2019

‘Going to Tasmania by boat’ said the Silverback. ‘You’ll love the boat Enzo’, he said. So, I was looking forward to the trip. I’ve been on the Noosa River Ferry a couple of times, where good dogs travel for free and get to sit on the bench seats next to the people. It’s a great […]

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A Night in Bruthen and walking the Rail Trail

January 9, 2019

Bruthen sits half way between Merimbula and Melbourne. Apparently, it’s also on the way to Tasmania! There is a neat little no frills caravan park on the side of the river just north of town. The Greg Ridsdale Memorial Caravan Park. It’s right next to the footy ground. I’ve stopped there a few times to chase […]

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Coming soon

January 1, 2019

Not been here yet, can’t wait until I have! Check back with us later and I might have made it.

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The Shipwreck Coast – Great Ocean Road

December 22, 2018

Shipwreck Coast Leaving Warrnambool and heading East along the Shipwreck Coast. First stop Bay of Islands. The Sparrow very busy taking photos whilst I walked along the track and let a few people pat my head. Strictly dogs on lead, people everywhere, old people, little kids, backpackers pushing bikes. Met a couple of dogs who […]

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Portland to Warrnambool – Art galleries and more art galleries

December 21, 2018

Portland to Warrnambool Art Galleries- good dogs might as well sleep in! Stayed at the NRMA Portland Bay Holiday Park overlooking the bay and the dog beach. Sadly, after December 1st the dog beach becomes ‘dogs on lead’ beach, so the walk was less exciting than it might have been earlier in the year.  It […]

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Enzo meets Thor

Enzo v Thor At Port Fairy, the last person I expected to meet was this Thor guy! We’d just set up camp and I was doing my security check of the perimeter hedges. Skulking under a bush I found this savage looking Scandinavian type. So, I dragged him out into the open and proceeded to […]

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A tale of two walks, Port Fairy

Morning walk: south east through the caravan park into adjoining parkland where there are wide open spaces where a dog can run and sniff out rabbits. ‘Lead on’ to cross Ocean Drive then down onto the little beach at Sandy Cove. A short walk before scrambling up the rocks to the information kiosk at the […]

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Shopping in Torquay and travelling to Port Fairy

December 18, 2018

Torquay to Port Fairy Last minute shopping at the Surf Plaza, Torquay. All the major surf brands have shops here, BUT up Baines Court there are some surf seconds shops. This is where the thinking dog gets the real bargains. The folks particularly like Rip Curl Seconds and the Ghanda Factory outlet. Seems we’re always […]

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Torquay – getting ready for the Big Guy in red

December 17, 2018

 Torquay Wow so much has happened that I missed writing the Dog Blog for a couple of days! As I mentioned last time we had to double back to Torquay. It seems cousin Leo the Labrador and his family in Queensland were in imminent danger. Some guy in a Red Suit was going to come […]

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Apollo Bay Harbour, Hardware & Hotel

December 7, 2018

Apollo Bay It was supposed to reach 37 degrees C today, but not in beautiful Apollo Bay. Being surrounded by sea the temperature maxed at a balmy 28. Laundry morning for the family so that means lots of playing Ball in the caravan park. Very cool start to the day! Apollo Bay Harbour Much of the […]

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Torquay to Apollo Bay

December 6, 2018

Torquay to Apollo Bay  Down stairs rooms painted just in time for Rick to go back to work, so we’re back in the van and leaving Torquay, heading west. First detour is a drive through the Bells Beach Surfing Reserve with a mini stop at the car park to do a bit of Meet and […]

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Driving from Merimbula to Torquay, the home of surfing

December 3, 2018

Torquay, Victoria   Ah Torquay start of the Great Ocean Road – well not really- every dog knows the Great Ocean Road starts at the sign located at Eastern View, about 20 minutes West of Torquay. The Drive The eight-hour drive from Merimbula makes for a bored dog in the back of the campervan.  Stratford on […]

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