Hobart and South

Oatlands and Ross on the Heritage Highway

January 26, 2019

Travelling the Heritage Highway we stopped at Oatlands and Ross and had long walks in both. Oatlands Nice historic town with lots of sandstone buildings. Also, the home of the real estate office in the TV show ‘Rosehaven’. A bit of Sparrow research revealed that they use buildings in multiple towns to put together the […]

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Bruny Island and the giant penguin

January 22, 2019

Bruny Island roughly divides into North Bruny, the Neck and South Bruny. Sparrow research had indicated that most of the south part is national park and the Neck is a penguin rookery, so neither of those were going to be dog friendly. Basically, we went to explore North Bruny. First you catch the Bruny Island […]

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Hobart, Club Canine and MONA

January 21, 2019

There comes a time when a dog just needs the company of dogs for a change. Had one of those days today. Checked into Club Canine Hobart for a bit of dog time. Unfortunately, humans not allowed so bought the folks tickets for MONA  and booked them in for lunch The Source. I promised the […]

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A lunchtime gig in New Norfolk

January 20, 2019

Getting from Strahan to New Norfolk was mostly about sleeping. We stopped for breakfast and lunch at a couple of great lookouts. Met some lovely German people at the breakfast spot. The lady insisted on the full face-lick experience. Not too keen on all that myself, but happy to do the right thing occasionally in […]

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Strahan, Enzo’s First Play

January 18, 2019

Bypassed the mining towns through the middle of Tassie and headed straight to Strahan. What a beautiful place. Checked into Strahan Beach Tourist Park, where most things in town are within walking range, though the folks thought the showers were a bit decrepit. Camp site nearly full, got a good-sized site near the exit gate […]

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