East Coast

Bay of Fires (don’t forget to check your water supplies!)

January 30, 2019

Arrived at Bay of Fires via St Helens. Well, there was more to it than that! First, we drove into St Helens and the Silverback wanted to go to the hardware shop to buy WD40 (a magic fluid that silverbacks spray on anything that moves to make it work better). It was 34 degrees and […]

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Laid low in Bicheno

January 28, 2019

On the way to Bicheno I mostly slept in the back of the van. We stopped briefly at Campbell Town, I’d been there before, seen the famous Red Bridge and peed on the sculptures carved from dead tree trunks. My scent was fading, so I topped it up. Last time we went on the riverbank […]

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Oatlands and Ross on the Heritage Highway

January 26, 2019

Travelling the Heritage Highway we stopped at Oatlands and Ross and had long walks in both. Oatlands Nice historic town with lots of sandstone buildings. Also, the home of the real estate office in the TV show ‘Rosehaven’. A bit of Sparrow research revealed that they use buildings in multiple towns to put together the […]

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Orford – a bit of doggy heaven

January 25, 2019

After some hectic days in Hobart with hot weather, wild winds and a couple of visits to Club Canine while the folks did art galleries and museums, it was great to get out of the city and back to the rural seaboard. Orford is a great little town based around the mouth of the Prosser […]

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