Canoeing, Campfires and Sunsets: Lara Wetlands

On The way to Lara Station we had an overnight stop at Tambo. There are two caravan parks, neither of which was very flash, the folks chose the one on the edge of town. Both are on the main road. The one in the middle of town is just across the road from the pub which hosts chicken races apparently! I didn’t know chooks were partial to racing, you learn something every day! The folks decided not to go. The campsite we stayed at was in between the footy oval and the rodeo ring. The highlights were watching road trains drive through town and watching a water truck and a cowboy towing a big rake behind his ute prepare the Rodeo ring for an upcoming event. The low point was when we went into town and I walked into a patch of Bindi seeds requiring the folk to hold me upside down and remove all the spikey seeds from my pads! How embarrassing!

Furphy water cart, main street Tambo


Preparing the Tambo rodeo grounds


Lara Wetlands is an area on the Lara Cattle Station, a small station for these parts at only 15,000 acres, so they supplement their income with tourism. The wetlands are fed by a hot mineral spring. A bit of strategic earthworks has converted what must have once been a swamp into a largish shallow lake that attracts waterbirds. The station runs a bush camp around the lake. No power but modern toilet blocks, a camp kitchen, wood supplied for campfires for a fee, canoes and bikes free for anyone to use.  Dog friendly of course! The Silverback got the solar panel fired up the second day to top up the house batteries. I think this was mostly about figuring out how it worked in preparation for when we really need it!

The Silverback and me with Bob the Yeti at Lara Wetlands

We all went canoeing. Dogs on lead allowed! Scary at first but I think I got the hang of it. I started on the Silverbacks canoe, then jumped in for a swim and spent a bit of time on the Sparrows canoe! All in all, I probably went in and out the water five times. The plastic canoes were a bit slippery when wet!  Jumping back on a canoe and shaking, as a dog must, created lots of excitement. I finished up back on the Silverback’s canoe after a short period towing him along while I swam on my lead. We were all very wet when we got back to shore. I had a ball. Even better, I found out I have a middle name. I think it’s one of those fancy hyphenated names that well-bred dogs have on their pedigree – Bozo-Moron! I like it! Hopefully I’ll get to use it more often!

First time on the canoe, it’s a bit wobbly!


Getting the hang of this. What’s that down there?

Afterwards, the folks went for a soak in the hot springs. It was 38 degrees apparently! Dogs not allowed. I had the job of guarding their clothes near the fence. I think it would have been a bit too hot for me anyway!

Lara Wetlands was a very Zen place! The Sparrow really enjoyed photographing the birds, sunsets and sunrises.

Sunrise over Lara Wetlands
The sunsets were spectacular

It was hot when we arrived but cooler the second day, so we had a campfire the second night. The lake looked neat in the dark with little campfires dotted around! I’m getting the hang of campfires after the big one at the Evening Star campsite and now our private one at Lara Station. I’m pleased to report no scary stories were told at the Lara campfire, after all that swimming I needed a good night’s sleep!

There were other things on offer like Homestead Tours and a Campfire Curry night while we were at Lara Station, but we were happy chilling at our little spot and didn’t investigate those. All in all, it turned out to be an Enzo top spot!

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