Bunker’s Beach House, Naturaliste, WA

enzo at busselton pier


The Enzotraveldog team visit Bunkers Beach House, a quality, dog friendly restaurant at Farm Break Beach, Cape Naturaliste, West Australia after a less than successful morning in the Busselton area.

It had been a difficult morning for the Enzotraveldog team. Firsty, the GPS [known to the team as The Idiot] got us quite lost, on the way to Capel Vale Winery’s cellar door. After a bit of reversing up dirt roads and double checking on Google Maps the folks finally got us there. I was on ‘guard the van’ duties in the carpark whilst they nipped in to choose a nice red for Bob’s cellar. Bob the campervan only has a two-bottle cellar, usually one white and one red. Wines must be carefully selected on merit to fill any vacancy! Apparently the young lady doing the wine tasting was very helpful and they returned with an excellent shiraz.

The Silverback had only just recovered from the getting lost episode when we pulled into Busselton, planning to go for a long relaxing walk up their historic two-kilometre jetty. ‘Dogs not allowed’ said the ranger type lady manning the gate onto the pier. The Silverback was so crestfallen that I decided only a good lunch could save the day. With a bit of help from the Sparrow-phone we picked a nice restaurant at a surf beach twenty minutes away, allowing plenty of time for emotions to settle.


Busselton Pier
We could look at it though, there was a tourist train along it. I wasn’t allowed on that either.

Bunkers Beach House, Cape Naturalise

The staff at Bunker’s Beach House were a hit from the moment we arrived. Not only were dogs allowed on the verandah, they had their own special entrance from the boardwalk. No walking through the restaurant with the rest of the hoi polloi for this little cattle dog! The Silverback and I went up the boardwalk whilst the Sparrow took the shortcut. By the time we arrived our table was ready for us and the silver dog-bowl of water was already on its way! I love those silver water bowls! From the table you could see the surf at The Farm, a fickle West Australian surf break. It was near flat this day, perfect Enzo size! ‘Promising for after lunch’ I thought.

The entrance to Bunkers Beach House
Deck at Bunkers Beach House

The folks ordered a glass of wine each and some sharing plates: fish carpaccio, BBQ octopus with chorizo and polenta, and a pickled mussel salad. My ears pricked up when shoestring fries were ordered as a side- they can never finish those! Predictably, a couple of short ends of the shoestring fries fell to the floor and needed clearing up before anyone noticed. The folks loved everything about the meal.

Light entertainment was provided when a stumpy tailed lizard emerged from the sand dunes. No doubt it wanted to check if any fries had made it through the verandah boards onto the sand below. I politely told it that I had all the cleaning up duties covered. It went under the verandah to check anyway. It later sneaked back, empty handed no doubt!

stumpy tailed lizard disappearing under the deck

After lunch we strolled up the beach. It was a blue-bird day! Temperature in the mid-twenties, blue sky, aqua-blue ocean. I found a stick for the Silverback to throw and retrieved a few from the little waves. I think he enjoys that nearly as much as I do! By the time we got back to Bob all the tensions of the day had washed away and we trundled off to find a nice campsite. We chose The Caves Caravan park, Yallingup. I’m thinking we’ll be here for a couple of days.

Farm Break Beach

Oops nearly forgot: Official Enzotraveldog rating for Bunkers Beach House: four paws.

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