Bay of Fires (don’t forget to check your water supplies!)

Arrived at Bay of Fires via St Helens.

Well, there was more to it than that! First, we drove into St Helens and the Silverback wanted to go to the hardware shop to buy WD40 (a magic fluid that silverbacks spray on anything that moves to make it work better). It was 34 degrees and town was packed with shoppers, I stayed in the van with the Sparrow, engine and aircon running! We drove through the town and out to the point at Binalong Bay, for lunch. A beautiful little spot. Went for a swim at a great rockpool near the end of the point, while, the Silverback stayed in the van nursing his Bicheno sprained ankle. After lunch the Sparrow noticed the water tank was nearly empty! Bay of Fires is a free camping area, the only facilities are pit toilets. Binalong Bay is on rainwater so no taps there. Back into St Helens. There’s a council drinking water tap just north of town or the service stations let you fill your water tank if you buy fuel, neither supply hose pipes. So, back to the hardware shop. The Silverback went in, engine and aircon still running, and bought a hose. Excellent, back to the servo, top up the diesel and fill the water tank. Finally, back up the road to Bay of Fires.

There are several free camping sites, the folks chose South Cosy Corner. After a bit of cruising around, the folks settled for a nice spot near a couple of young German surfers. The folks met a lot of German surfers back when they were campervanning in France. The Atlantic coast of France is apparently Germany’s surf beach! What dog knew that? Something funny about their campervan, the driver’s seat seemed to be on the wrong side! I decided I must have been mistaken. Probably hadn’t fully recovered from the Bicheno food poisoning episode!

Walked north up the beach from the campsite. Little waves, lovely turquoise water, hot day, nice rock formations up the top end, had a swim in the ocean- another Enzo top spot!

The next morning, I was up early anticipating a long beach walk and swim. Things had changed dramatically overnight! The wind was howling from the south, the ocean was full of white-caps and the temperature had plummeted to about 16 degrees. We only walked about 1km and the folks decided to turn back. The Sparrow-phone suggested it was going to be too cold for Queenslanders for the next couple of days. Beautiful as this spot was, we decided to pack up after just one night and head inland. I’m sure we’ll be back!

Sunrise at the Bay of Fires
A stormy morning.

Silverback tip – camping on an area with road base rather than black sand makes it much easier to keep the van clean. Ditto for the sleeping bags!



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