Barn Hill Station

Just a short blog about this fabulous little place! It’s about 160km south of Broome, a beachside campsite on a working cattle station. We stopped for two nights. There are many good things to say about Barn Hill.

The dead straight, ten-kilometre driveway disappearing at the horizon vanishing point was a photographic treat. We pulled up very late in the season, the managers were just starting to take down some of the outside lighting ready for storing away before the wet. All they had left in the camp shop were the station’s home-made sausages and Magnum ice-creams. No problems for the folks, our fridge was full. They did however have ice-creams both afternoons! Personally, I though the sausages would have been the better buy!

Now that’s a driveway!

The beach was only accessible from the Station Camp Site and hence largely deserted. The first day we walked south for an hour and saw no footprints other than those left by crabs. I had a close encounter with a big crab. After a while, I took the folks advice to ‘leave it’. I bet it thought its number was up for a while. The next time we walked north and saw some amazing rock formations. Again, the beach was deserted. The beaches were both as beautiful as you would see anywhere.


long stretches of deserted beach
Dog and his man.
rock formations

We saw some big birds soaring in the cliff uplift. They must have had wingspans of 2 metres, though were otherwise quite skinny looking. They were almost pterodactyl shaped!  A bit of google research by the folks indicated they were Frigate Birds. Apparently they can stay airborne for weeks at a time and can even sleep whilst flying. One side of their brain goes to sleep while the eye on the opposite side stays open to make sure they don’t fly into anything. How’s that? Back at the campsite there were many species of smaller birds scavenging around. I ate my meals extra quick! Bird fanciers could easily spend a week at Barn Hill just walking on the beach and checking out the bird life. There was a nice seat on top of the cliff for watching the sunset.

Frigate bird

We left as the temperature started to go up. We heard the next site down the coast was having a sand fly problem and decided to head straight for Port Hedland. The plan was to find a caravan park with a pool and some shady trees. On the way down the highway we passed the road to Marble Bar. This is one of the hottest places in Australia. It was a gold mining town back in the day. The outside temperature reached 45 degrees. We didn’t go there! I felt sorry for Bob working away in the heat while we were cool inside. Bob never complains, he’s a real trooper!

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