Bargara Beach

On the way from Hervey Bay to Bargara Beach the folks stopped for morning tea at the small, heritage listed town of Childers. A nice mid-morning ‘harness and lead’ walk of the main street. Didn’t meet any other dogs but there were old buildings, a surprising number of pubs and community offices, and [down at dog-level] many mosaics set into the footpath, including one of me! The publicity team have been busy! We stopped for morning tea at The Paragon Theatre, a restored art deco theatre which also had a coffee shop. I had a corner of the Silverback’s apple slice, which was excellent. The Sparrow’s raw ‘christmas cake’ was apparently ‘too good for dogs’!

Later we checked into the Bargara Beach Caravan Park, opposite the surf club. This is a VERY big park with lots of dogs, kids and people. It was school holidays. I lost track of how many kids flew past on scooters. As I reminisced about how peaceful the last campsite had been, I wondered whether parks should have kids on lead rules and let the dogs run free.

After setting up the van, I took the folks to the short dog beach north of the surf club. This ended in a large rocky outcrop that was not very folks-friendly. Up on the foreshore reserve we found an enclosed dog exercise area with no dogs and a large athletics oval where several dogs were chasing balls.

In the evening we walked along the coastal path into town. This was a very pleasant, landscaped walk of about 20 minutes. It was a little difficult finding a dog friendly cafe. After a couple of rejections, we were advised by a nice lady walking a Boston terrier called Frank that Cassablanca on See was the place to go. On the way, the Sparrow-phone advised that it ranked number 3 out of 15 local eateries. It turned out to be an excellent and very reasonably priced craft beer and tapas/pasta venue. The folks enjoyed their meal, too spicy for dogs apparently, the best I could manage was a crust of bread! On the walk back some of the coastal path lights were out, so we did parts of it by iPhone light. Spooky for the folks but I just switched over to smellovision!

Elliott Heads
Elliott Heads

The next morning, we drove to Mary Kinross Park at the south end of town. This is a very large landscaped park with an enclosed dog exercise area. The dog exercise area was deserted like the one near the surf club had been the previous day, so we mostly ran and walked in the main park area before nipping into the dog area for a drink of water! A short drive to Elliot Heads with a brief exploration of the river mouth, then on to the Bundaberg CBD.

The folks visited the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, whilst I sat on the step to greet passers-by, before going for morning coffee one block up at one of the cafes in Bourbong Street.

No dogs anywhere near the distillery!


Bundaberg Rum Distillery

At the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, we were greeted with a very unfriendly sign, so the Silverback parked the van under a big tree with the fans running, and I slept off the mornings exercise whilst the folks did the tour. We were nearly done with Bundaberg and Bargara. On the last morning, I got up early and went running with the Sparrow along the coastal track into town. We met the local Parkrun group on the way. I was careful not to trip anyone up, always respect the locals when you’re travelling!

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