Apollo Bay Harbour, Hardware & Hotel

Apollo Bay

It was supposed to reach 37 degrees C today, but not in beautiful Apollo Bay. Being surrounded by sea the temperature maxed at a balmy 28. Laundry morning for the family so that means lots of playing Ball in the caravan park. Very cool start to the day!

Apollo Bay Harbour

Much of the rest of the morning was spent walking up to the Apollo Bay Harbour, then watching fishermen work on their boats. A few old silverbacks were fishing from the pier. One of them caught a fish. I was going to pop over and help hold it still, but the folks wouldn’t let me. The guy who caught it managed on his own, eventually! At the end of the harbour there was a dredge pumping sand from inside the harbour back to the beach. Probably trying to create a better bank for the surfers! Occasionally, they moved the dredge pipe by pushing it with a small boat, but the rest of the time they seemed to sit on the big dredge boat telling stories. Looked like fun!

Overlooking the harbour there was a fishing co-op with a take away shop and some outside tables. Could be a great place to watch the sunset one night over fish and chips. Store that idea away for next time! The Sparrow took some photos for my blog. Good little worker the Sparrow!

Best Hardware Store Ever

Leaving the harbour, we walked into town to go to the shops. Went to a great hardware store. Great big shop. Dogs allowed inside on a lead, so better than Bunnings from the dog viewpoint. Back to the campsite, laundry to bring in and the Sparrow had to sew the things she got from the hardware onto the curtains. It was starting to warm up, so Dad parked the camper under a big tree. Thinking all the time the old fella, he must find it exhausting!

Lunch at the Pub

As the day warmed up, the folks opted for lunch somewhere cool and shady with cold beer. Both pubs in town allow dogs in their beer garden / outdoor areas. That’s civilisation for you, just like Noosa! Even though the daughter of the nice lady from the caravan park worked at the Brewhouse, we opted for the Apollo Bay Hotel which had a big veranda overlooking the main street. Good place to eat and watch other dogs walk by with their people. Couple of tit-bits under the table and licked up some spilt beer. Not a bad outing!

Crayfish pot lights at the Apollo Bay Hotel

Rumour has it we’re going back to Torquay tomorrow. Not sure what that’s about yet. Will need to listen in on the folk’s conversation tonight.

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