Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays

Yacht sailing into the sunset

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays is a bit like the Greek Islands in Queensland with beautiful beaches and lots of sailing!  In short, it is an Enzo Top Spot. We stayed at the Seabreeze Tourist Park at Cannonvale Beach; a nice dog friendly park!

This is our first blog since the Coronavirus Pandemic began. The folks bought a new van just before everything was locked down and had been itching to get back on the road. Queenslanders got the all clear for travel within the state and off we went on the ‘Enzotraveldog World Tour of Queensland.’ Not wanting to get caught in the post lockdown stampede, we waited a couple of weeks for the dust to settle before slowly heading north.

Some changes have occurred at Enzotraveldog. The new van is an Autotrail Imala named “Ziggy”. He’s half Italian half English and generally a bit bigger than Bob was. The new Sat Nav is ‘Miss Scarlet.’ She has a much nicer voice than the Idiot, who we don’t miss at all!.  Silverback and Sparrow are still the backbone of my support team and of course yours truly, Enzo at the helm. My name may be Italian but I was born and bred in NSW.

Being Italian, Ziggy has a kitchen with a chef sized stove! The Sparrow has been loving it as she has been able to make bread.  The other night, we even had our first travelling roast dinner.  I love roasts, the smells, the leftovers, the whole thing is dog heaven.

Autotrail Imala named Ziggy at the Seabreeze Caravan Park, Airlie Beach
Ziggy resting at the Seabreeze Tourist Park, Airlie Beach

Bicentennial Walkway

There is an excellent walk from Cannonvale Beach to the main Airlie Beach. It runs around the water’s edge, part boardwalk and part footpath it’s about 4 km long , so easily 1 hour each way by the time you stop to look at all the boats, spot the odd turtle or stingray in the water and generally soak up the AMAZING VIEWS. It’s dog friendly [of course] with doggy bag dispensers and dog bowls built into the water fountains. Some of the cafes along the way also have water bowls.

At the Airlie Beach end, you could interrupt the walk by browsing the shops or going for coffee or even lunch if you wish. The folks were in the mood for pounding the pavement the first time we did the walk, so we just came straight back making it a two-hour session. They liked it so much that they did it again a couple of days later, breaking the journey with a visit to a cafe.

Bicentennial Walkway at Airlie Beach

Yachts moored out in the Bay at Airlie Beach

Bicentennial Walkway running along the foreshore between Cannonvale and Airlie Beach
The Bicentennial Walkway winds its way along the foreshore between Cannonvale and Airlie Beach

Ocean Dynamics Sunset Dinner Cruise

The folks went out for dinner on a boat called the Ocean Enigma. They must have had a great time as they took lots of photos and insisted in telling me all about it, though I casually pretended not to be interested. The boat cruised out around the bay to get a great view of the sunset and lights of Airlie Beach.  Queensland produce was showcased in the menu with a chef cooked 4 course meal, drinks and even a live singer.  Meanwhile I was on ‘guard the van Enzo’ duties back in the car park for three hours. Mustn’t grumble really, I got the van all to myself, there were no security issues and I had a super nap. On the negative side, I didn’t get dinner ‘till nearly 8 o’clock, which is very late for me. Luckily, I’d had a big lamb bone in the afternoon to tide me over.

Relaxing with a pre-dinner drink on the Ocean Enigma
Relaxing with a pre-dinner drink on the Ocean Enigma. Plenty of social distancing going on!
Looking back at the yachts in the Airlie Beach Marina
Leaving the Airlie Beach Marina
Early evening view across the water to Airlie Beach
The lights start to come on across the bay in Airlie Beach
Sunset over the Whitsunday Islands
Sunset over the Whitsunday Islands
Returning to the Airlie Beach Marina after dark
Returning to the Marina after dark

Shute Harbour

Just up the road from Airlie Beach is Shute Harbour. It’s where a lot of people catch ferries out to the Whitsunday Islands. We went for a drive one morning and checked out the lookout over Whitsunday Passage. To be honest, it’s a tiny place [population 150] and the ferry terminal was having a make-over, so much of the town was a construction site when we were there.

Shute Harbour
Rebuilding the wharf at Shute Harbour

We didn’t go to the Whitsundays this time, they are a whole blog series by themselves. In Summary: We loved Airlie Beach and will go there again and again.

7 thoughts on “Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays

  1. Well Enzo, I’m with you mate. When the humans go out for a river cruise leaving you to guard the estate (Autotrail with all mod cons) and get home late and serve up a mediocre meal after 8pm! Just not good enough! A sharp nip to the heel would be my advice. And a good “wuff” to let them know who is boss dog in the van.

  2. You sound to be having a wonderful time. I’m glad Ziggy is behaving well and that Miss Scarlet is being helpful, getting you where you need to go.
    The photos of the cruise look beautiful. I used to love sailing, but it is hard work on a yacht with three masts! We sailed off the coast of Panama – around the San Blas Islands. Amazing. The waters were so clear and so warm too.
    Anyway, have fun and look after each other.

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