Enzo with Yuri

Enzo travel dog

A dog’s guide to travelling Australia with humans.

Top dog:

Enzo, that’s me. The canine formerly known as ‘wonder dog’.

Mission Statement:

To travel Australia and provide a guide for other dogs wishing to do the same.

Spoiler alert – it’s essential to take humans with you, their opposable thumbs and upright stance make them ideal for opening doors, cooking dinner and other such activities dogs should never have to do for themselves.


Mum and Dad- not my real parents, just call them that to make them feel loved. Sometimes known as the Sparrow and Silverback, depending on my mood. Multi-skilled crew members. The Sparrow mainly functions as my dietician and photographer.  The Silverback is principally my biographer but also performs a variety of general support functions.

Yuri – transgender polar bear, much travelled. Started life in the UK when the Sparrow was a girl. A source of much wise counsel.  Yuri is probably my real mother, though generally referred to as ‘he’. All I know is he has been in my bed for as long as I can remember. Kept me from the cold when I was a puppy. My most significant other being, Yuri has never needed repair. Attacking polar bears is unwise – even if you’re a wonder dog!

Mini- small white Rabbit, sometimes substitutes for Yuri in the campervan. An evolutionary distant cousin. Needs repairs periodically. Like all rabbits, Mini tends not to fight back!

Stick- rubber tugging toy made by Kong, my favourite indoor plaything. Particularly useful for engaging the Silverback after dinner.

Ball – my favourite outside toy. Particularly good for the beach. Works both in and out of the water.

Mode of Travel:

A VW Discoverer campervan from Campervans Australia called Bob.  Just big enough for us all to sleep in, but not too big for Mum to reverse park.