A Night in Bruthen and walking the Rail Trail

Bruthen sits half way between Merimbula and Melbourne. Apparently, it’s also on the way to Tasmania!

There is a neat little no frills caravan park on the side of the river just north of town. The Greg Ridsdale Memorial Caravan Park. It’s right next to the footy ground. I’ve stopped there a few times to chase Ball on the footy oval. It makes a nice break when the Silverback is on a mission to drive to Melbourne in one hit. This time we overnighted.

Greg Ridsdale Memorial Caravan Park at Bruthen

Just behind the footy oval is the East Gippsland Rail Trail, a section of old railway line that has been converted into walking / cycling track. You can you can go all the way from Orbost to Bairnsdale on it, about 100km. We just did the loop across the old railway bridge over the river, through the tunnel under the highway, into the village and back along the river to the caravan park.

The Sparrow was loving the river views and a couple of old historic markers we walked past like the Old Police Lock Up from back in the day. Scary thing! looked like a big wooden box with bolts and padlocks.

They certainly didn’t want anyone getting out of this historic lockup in Bruthen

Couple of great doggie highlights; saw horses and young cattle in the paddocks as we walked along, gave the cattle a bark just to let them know I’m part working dog! [Part working dog part super star, but I digress, back to the story]. In town, walked past the bakery just as the shop girls were opening the shop, letting all the awesome smells out into the street.

Without doubt THE highlight was the bank of the river full of rabbit holes. It looked just like Bag End in the Hobbit movie. I was lucky enough to be off lead at that moment so managed to chase a couple of cotton-tails. Those country rabbits are fast! By the time I got back on the lead my aerobic capacity was at V-Max with tongue hanging out all the rest of the way into town. Great walk!


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