A lunchtime gig in New Norfolk

Getting from Strahan to New Norfolk was mostly about sleeping. We stopped for breakfast and lunch at a couple of great lookouts. Met some lovely German people at the breakfast spot. The lady insisted on the full face-lick experience. Not too keen on all that myself, but happy to do the right thing occasionally in the cause of canine-human relations.

We did stop for a little walk at Tarraleah. The Sparrow-phone described it as a cluster of 18 beautifully restored, Art Deco, weatherboard homes that started life as a hydro-electric workers village but is now a privately owned tourist complex. The houses can be rented. It also has a small hotel ‘the Lodge’, pub, cafe and caravan park. Folks thought this would have been a great place to have overnighted, but we had already made plans for New Norfolk.

Pulled into the New Norfolk Caravan Park, cheap and cheerful, nice new amenities, plugged in the van and went for a walk around the Two Rivers Walking Track which runs right past the park along the Derwent River, up over the cliff top then along the Lachlan River (where you can run off lead), past the now closed ‘Lunatic Asylum’ (first one in Australia -they changed the name after a century or so) and back through the middle of town to the caravan park. Nice 1hr walk after a day in the van.

Lookout over the Derwent River

Up early, laundry day (a frequent necessity when campervanning, even took my own coat down to the river for a wash), that done walked back along the Two Rivers track into town so the folks could go shopping and get information on the next stop. Spur of the moment, on the way back they popped into The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery for lunch. It’s a slick modern restaurant in one of the old buildings on the former asylum site.

Swimming with ducks in the Lachlan

I didn’t realise, but they had lined me up a gig as ‘greeter’ on the front verandah. Met lots of people. Greetings ranged from the casual nod to the full on roll you over and tickle your belly.  Even the staff were popping out to say hello. Got so many pats on the head I was getting dizzy. Nice gig.

Meanwhile the folks were just inside the window having lunch. They really enjoyed it. Thought it was one of the best meals they’d had in Tassie so far.

The folks enjoying lunch

That Evening walked alongside the Derwent. About 500m west of the caravan park we came across a huge dog off lead area. Looks like it doubles as the showgrounds or polo fields or something. This is a great town for dogs!

MONA tomorrow?? Not sure who that is yet.

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