A Dog’s Gotta Work

Been feeling twitchy since we got home. The folks have been busy organising jobs around the house, they even had a sailmaker alter the big blue kennel to make it more storm proof for the round Australia loop later this year. Must admit, I’ve been a bit listless. Generations of breeding, back through my bloodlines, tells me a dog’s gotta work! I know being a canine travel journalist is not quite the same sort of work as rounding up cattle, but I like to think of that as evolution. Just like the Cat in Red Dwarf!

I gave the Silverback the listless look, hoping he would telepathically pick up on my dilemma. Suddenly he looked up from his Sudoku puzzle and said ‘you look listless Enzo, I know what your trouble is. You need to work, it’s in your breeding lad! Maybe when were home you should write reviews of dog friendly restaurants; you can start tonight when we go to the pub’.

I think he’s getting better at canine communication! You can teach a human anything with a bit of perseverance.

Peregian Beach Hotel

I’ve been to the Peregian Beach Hotel with the folks a few times. The pub has indoor and outdoor eating. Dogs are allowed outside. Most nights there are 2-3 dogs, a casual nod to the regulars on the way in is all that’s required for canine etiquette. The wait staff range from friendly to ‘come and lick my face, you beautiful boy’- you can’t get more dog friendly than that! Silver dog-water bowls: I always think that’s a good sign.

“Get a picture of the silver bowl for the review”

The pub serves a range of tapas, sour dough pizza, modern spins on classic pub food like steak and a few more exotic things like poke bowls [don’t ask me, I’m just a little working dog]. In short gourmet pub fare.

This night the folks went for the Crudo Pizza, a rocket, pear and parmesan salad, and sweet potato wedges. The Silverback managed to drop a couple of wedges and a flake of parmesan on the floor. He can be clumsy like that. Luckily, I cleaned them up quick-smart before anyone noticed. It’s important to keep up appearances! They were delicious.

photo of meal

The folks had a glass of wine each. I do enjoy licking up the occasional beer spill but wines not my thing. What I do know is: if there’s not at least one or two good wines on the list, available by the glass the folks never go back. We’ve been here a few times, so doggy-deduction tells me the wine list must be OK.

There was live music at the pub this night, as there often is. The singers upper register was very impressive. I think he hit some notes that only the dogs could really appreciate. The Silverback went over before we left to congratulate him and talk about some of the clever pedals he used. All in all, it was a good night out.

So, here we go…. Enzo’s dog friendly restaurant reviews, first edition…
Based on the patented Enzo five-paw system [copyright Enzo and the Silverback 2019], the Peregian Beach Hotel gets four paws.

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