A cunning plan in Launceston

This was our last day in Tasmania before catching the ‘Spirit’. I wasn’t looking forward being spirited away again. We spent half a day in Launceston on the way to Devonport.

We parked the van near City Park and walked around the Esplanade alongside the North Esk River, past Custom House, along the boardwalk, through Royal Park and Kings Park on the Tamar River until we reached the mouth of Cataract Gorge. We stopped there because even good dogs aren’t allowed on the Gorge walk! The Silverback told me not to worry, he had a ‘cunning plan’!

We doubled back to the Stillwater Restaurant. This is a very cool restaurant, good boys allowed in the alfresco area, silver bowls on the ground, waitresses all dressed in black; Nice! The Sparrow phone told us it’s one of the two best restaurants in the Launceston area. (The other one was at the Josef Chromy winery). The folks had a fancy meal. Fortunately, the shared lamb rump was just too big for them and I managed to get the last slice. My first taste of fancy restaurant rare lamb rump and I absolutely loved it. They must have a better chef than the one who puts the My Dog cans together! It slipped down almost without chewing!

Stillwater Restaurant at Ritchie’s Mill

After lunch we walked back along the waterfront. It was time for the Silverback’s cunning plan! Dogs might not be allowed on the Cataract Gorge trail, but they can take the river cruise! What’s more, good boys travel for free, just like on the Noosa River ferry. Who needs to walk up the trail with hordes of people when you can cruise up the gorge? Not this little working dog, that’s for sure.

We boarded Tamar River Cruises’ smaller boat for a one-hour tour. The vague similarity to the plot of Gilligan’s Island is purely coincidence – no mishaps occurred. The cruise went all around the Launceston Harbour area then up the Cataract Gorge to just below First Basin. Steep rocky sides, kids jumping of high rocks into the water to splash the boat, very cool. I started off inside but then sat on the back deck with the Sparrow while she took photos.  We were right next to the captain. I really liked his uniform! There were no waterfalls this day due to the lack of recent rain, but it was a great little boat trip.

After the cruise we drove on to Devonport to catch the big red boat back to Melbourne.  I’ve already talked about how primitive the dog accommodation is, so I won’t go over that again. I hope they fix it soon.

Leaving Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania. Sadly, I couldn’t see this from my cage!

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