A tale of two walks, Port Fairy

Morning walk: south east through the caravan park into adjoining parkland where there are wide open spaces where a dog can run and sniff out rabbits. ‘Lead on’ to cross Ocean Drive then down onto the little beach at Sandy Cove. A short walk before scrambling up the rocks to the information kiosk at the causeway onto Griffith Island. The folks spent a bit of time reading things in the kiosk. Dogs are not allowed on the island as it is a coastal park with shearwater rookeries. Met a few dogs left in the back of cars while their humans did the one-hour island walk. We elected to walk on to the mouth of the Moyne River.

The mouth of the Moyne River, Port Fairy

From the river mouth we walked along the waterfront where many boats are moored, some commercial fishing boats that smell fantastic and others, Yachts and the like that smell of paint and plastic. Opposite the boats there are a mix of old and new grand-houses. Some of the older ones have been converted into small hotels and B+B’s. Strangely nowhere seemed open on the waterfront mid-morning for the folks to get a coffee!

Back in the pioneer days the river had been widened at one point to allow big old sailing boats to turn around. This area now houses the yacht marina. At the end of the marina we cut through to the parallel street at the edge of town and walked back through the parkland to the caravan park. Round trip: two hours, followed by a very necessary nap under the camp table.

Riverfront homes, Port Fairy

Lunchtime walk: Through the cricket grounds and Gwen’s Lane again into the main part of town. Up a couple of streets to ‘Bank an Co’, a great little café with outside tables where dogs are allowed. Both Silverback and the Sparrow had Bubble and Squeak [interpreted with some modern leaves and extra ingredients including a poached egg] which they thoroughly enjoyed. Importantly for them, the coffee was good. I got a few very tasty bacon bits under the table plus some unidentifiable scraps that were under the next table as we left. All in all, a highly recommended café.

Surprisingly, sitting at the next table were a couple of silver-surfer types who the Silverback had met on an ill-fated boat trip to Sumba a couple of years ago.  With them was a young surfer with his daughter who I got to play with while the old blokes reminisced about the disasters that occurred on the trip.

After lunch we walked around town following the Port Fairy Historic Walk Guide from the tourist information centre, looking at old houses. ‘Looking at’ and ‘talking about yesteryear’ is not one of my key interests but the walking and sniffing went down just fine. Back to the campsite after another solid walk, the only logical thing left to do was take another dog nap. Round trip excluding lunch, again about two hours.

Woke up just in time for my dinner and the folk’s happy hour. I believe we’re pulling up stumps tomorrow. [A cricket metaphor- I love playing cricket, well, any ball game really]. Apparently, we have to slowly work our way back to Torquay to see someone called Christmas Eve. More rumours about home invaders coming down chimneys and the family needing to band together to protect the assets. Maybe I’ll get to bite this one if he shows up.

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